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  1. Hiya, saw you taviistock and met you back stage after, any plans to come to the southwest?
    Den and

      • Bummer! That was my question too. Bath/Bristol need you πŸ™‚ Going to look for a mailing list so I don’t miss you if you head this way.

  2. Hi everyone, just been to your concert in Dorking which was amazing. I was wondering if there is a new cd coming out soon and also where can I buy sweet refrains because I have looked everywhere and would love to get a copy. Dan

      • Hello, I got the album off iTunes in the USA awhile back so so glad it was available! However I’ve been in desperate need of Dave’s Cruel World album! Any way if getting it ever???? Pleeeeeease…

  3. Hi , just seen you last night at Rochdale feel good fest. Must say it was brilliant, when are you next in Oldham/ Rochdale area?

    • I agree totally! Went to the Show in Rothes Hall in Glenrothes. I knew all the songs from Beautiful South and expected a watered down version of these. How stupid. Fantastic night, brilliant performance, brilliant horn section driving it all the way, Dave Hemingway and Alison Wheeler on fantastic form. Great, great night. Hemingway and Alison had audience up on stage, dancing away, at end of night. There is nothing pretentious from this band. Superb night. And for Β£20??? An absolute steal. Am i gushing too much? Not enough. Honestly buy, beg or steal a ticket!! So guys when you back in Fife? I will settle for anywhere in Scotland! Please do not tell me you already been her in 2016 and i missed it……… will feel a little silly if so!

  4. Hi all can you tell me if there is the possibility of a new CD coming out soon loved sweet refrains and looking forward to some more.

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