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    • Cheers Darren.
      Blimey, that was quick! I’m only just getting my head around how this site works!
      I will, hopefully, be updating it it with relevant material soon as our other site has broken πŸ˜‰

      • Excellent, so worried you had lost one in a drunken stupor ha ha. You guys are a-m-azing live. Thank you so much for keeping the legacy alive. You remain the single best entertaining band out there today and it may be ” all about the songs” ( of course it is) but we love the connection, the camradarie, the relationship and we will always love you so bring it on! X see you at Dorking.xx thank you allxx.

      • Just like to say thank you for a brilliant night at Dorking on Thursday. I would say the set was just about as good as it gets. All the old favs and the best of the new stuff too. I’ve been following ( as in The South) you since you started in 2009 and I really think this set is as good as it gets. UnlesS you can find another ten minutes and play Hold On (my fav) Under the Covers and One last Love Song!!!
        Special congrats to new Trombonist Paul who looked a tad nervous to start with but really nailed it, well done mate and good to,see Dave loosen up after a couple of Becks lol.

        Seriously a great night, love you guys with all my heart. Oh just one critic, please go back to Mouldy Old Dough to come out to!!! Xxxx

      • Thanks for all of that John. Much appreciated.
        The set list changes from year to year so those 3 could well find a way back in.

  1. Hellooooo!!!!! πŸ˜€ nice new site πŸ™‚ think you’ve made a couple of little mistakes on the tour dates though. Rochdale gig is the 5th i think, (thats what it says on the Rochdale feel good festivals fb page anyway!) not the 7th. and Live Rooms is Chester πŸ™‚ lol xxx

    • cheers. I didn’t know people could see this so was doing a quick set up. Looking good though and pleased with comments. I’ll have a quick spell check now then πŸ˜‰

  2. Went to see The South last year, they were on in Lytham St Annes in our local theatre.
    Brilliant gig, so so good live, loved every minute of it, please come back to Lytham!! ;))x x

  3. They get better and better every time I see them. Highlight of my year was dancing with the guys while they sang and played in Marlborough πŸ™‚

  4. You guys are awesome – ALWAYS find time for the fans !!!!
    See you soon – possibly macc if Darren sorts it out

  5. Hi Guys, hope you don’t mind me asking but is Tony ok? Always sad to see a much loved stalwart leave, I would just like to know he’s ok? Genuine concern for a lovely guy, a brilliant musician, who did so much for Teenage Cancer Causes. Also, in an interview with the local rag before Dorking, Dave mentioned there were more new songs. Is there any prospect of a second album? Love you love you love you, take carexxx

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